Better Interviews

The Problem

I've spent years interviewing candidates of all types and levels. But it never seemed to get easier. I struggled to compare candidates to each other. I never felt I had a clear signal that a candidate was right for the role.

Eventually, I realized I lacked a consistent, structured way to evaluate candidates.

That's when I created Better Interviews.

How It Works

First, a hiring manager opens a role. For each role, they create five binary (yes-or-no) questions.

For each candidate, the interviewer receives a feedback request. After the interview, they select "yes" or "no" for the questions.

There is an additional question, asking if the interviewer recommends the candidate.

The hiring manager receives a summary of each submitted feedback.

Why you should care

Does writing candidate feedback take too long?

Have you been struggling to compare candidates against each other?

Are you not getting a good signal on your candidates, but you're not quite sure what's missing?

This tool has drastically simplified my interview process. It saves me time as an interviewer and it gives my hiring managers consistent feedback for each candidate.

I hope you'll scroll back up, log in, and give it a try.

‐ Justin Fuller                          
Creator of Better Interviews